The Story of How I Launched My Online Career -Making the Digital Leap

My name is Jane Njambi from Thika Kenya. I work from home and help small business owners with digital marketing, graphics design, contect creation and web-design. I hold a BA in Community Development. I graduated in 2016 and couldn't secure a job so I turned to the internet and started doing affiliate marketing. I was surprised when I made $664 in just 11 days and from that moment I decided to stick to the internet.

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I run a youtube channel where I teach people different things they can do online. I have done a variety like dropshipping products from aliexpress but the business did not go so well. I have shipped products from china through alibaba to Kenya and sold them online through my website. I have been scammed by these chinese but I learned how not to be frustrated by them.i have sold pegs for my mom on Jumia that she was sourcing from Kamukunji and made sales then operated at a loss because of listing them in a category where shipping was the same price of the product without knowing I was doing the wrong thing.

You see not giving up and learning new things is the best thing I have experienced. I blog too and everything that I know I learned online.

If you want to learn new skills for free go to

  • YouTube
  • skillshare(free trial)
  • LinkedIn learning (free trial)

From these sites you can learn anything. Then list your skills on either your website,Fiverr or upwork. Then from there advertise yourself with google ads,FB ads, email marketing and native advertising.

Here are some things you can do from home and generate revenue either part-time or full-time

1. Teach What You are Good at

This is done best by creating online courses. Record yourself or your computer screen. Create a course of like 6 hours Then post these videos on sites like teachable,udemy, LinkedIn learning,skillshare and that way you will start having students enroll. I host my online school where I teach affiliate marketing on thinkific. I like it coz payment is instant and I pay commission to no one.

2. Social Media Support 

Most companies are selling online. Reach out to them and let them know you can respond to their customer questions on their Facebook inbox, WhatsApp, instagram, twitter. To also attract more customers you can have a simple website that will cost you like $50 to construct and drive traffic to it through ads and let potential clients book appointments with you. Avoid face to face meetings they are a waste of time. Instead do zoom meetings

3. Blog

Do not under estimate blogging there are people making a sustainable income from it. Create a simple blog with WordPress . Write articles of what you are good at. At first you will not be monitized by adsense,ezoic or any other company you familiar with but guess what you can add affiliate links to your blog posts and generate very good income. The best affiliate company I use is CJ affiliate they give nice commissions

4. YouTube 

Create videos of anything, to make money with these videos add affiliate links on the description. I created my YouTube channel back in 2017 reviewed a program and added affiliate link of their course that I was recommending in one month I had made $1000 in commission from the video and it had not even reached 500 views. Also I run ads and recommended my course and out of $2.50 I spent on youtube discovery ad I would make 2-4 sales a day and my course was costing $11.99. you don't need a good camera for youtube your phone is enough,your computer screen is enough.

5. Sell Products Online 

You can sell products on Jumia,jiji,kilimall or your own website. The easiest place I got a sale was actually Jumia. If you want to sell on your own website run ads they bring customers very quickly. Another thing source products from kamukunji or eastleigh and if you want them customized/private label turn to alibaba.

Don't sit back and say there are no jobs convert your skill to an opportunity that makes you money.


In conclusion, my journey from a jobless graduate to a thriving digital entrepreneur demonstrates the power of perseverance and continuous learning. Hailing from Thika, Kenya, I've harnessed the internet to assist small businesses with digital marketing and web design. Despite setbacks like unsuccessful dropshipping ventures and dealing with Chinese suppliers, I've embraced the lessons and adapted.

Sharing my knowledge on YouTube and my blog, I've encouraged others to explore online opportunities. Remember, platforms like YouTube, Skillshare, and LinkedIn Learning offer invaluable resources. Leverage your skills, be it through online courses, social media support, blogging, YouTube, or e-commerce. Embrace the digital world – it's a realm brimming with possibilities. Cheers to seizing opportunities and turning skills into success!

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Since 2021, I have been working as a freelance web designer and have successfully created over 200 websites for my clients. My primary sources of clients/customers are Google Maps, LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and referrals from clients I have previously worked with. My goal now is to share my experience and knowledge with others and help them achieve a steady income through freelancing.

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