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Chapter 4 – Coming up with a Marketing Strategy + Sales Funnel
Mastering online Freelancing : Strategies to Land and Manage Clients
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In the lesson “Meet Your Instructor – Jane Njambi”, you will get the chance to connect with Jane Njambi, an experienced professional with a vast knowledge of digital marketing and online teaching. Jane has more than seven years of hands-on experience in digital marketing, which gives her a deep understanding of industry trends, strategies, and best practices.


Apart from being proficient in digital marketing, Jane is also a self-taught web and graphics designer. She honed her skills through platforms like YouTube. Jane’s passion for web and graphics design started as a personal interest, which she developed through self-directed learning and hands-on practice. Since 2021, she has been freelancing as a web designer, using her creative skills to design stunning digital experiences for clients from various industries.


As your instructor, Jane Njambi blends her practical experience with her passion for teaching to provide engaging and informative lessons. These lessons will help you to succeed in the world of freelancing. Get ready to be inspired and guided by Jane’s wealth of knowledge and experience as you start your freelancing journey.

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