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Would You like to become a Lead Trainer in Digital Marketing and get Funded $3000?

WIDB an initiative of Microsoft, International Labor Organization and International Training Center of ILO are looking for experienced digital marketing trainers to work with.If you are interested please follow the simple steps explained in the video below

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Lead Trainer who Invited You - Jane Njambi Wanjiru

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Here, we host live interactive classes where you can learn from others and ask questions about the challenges you face in marketing your business online.

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We’ve equipped hundreds of Women Entreprenuer with digital marketing skills

Here is what they have to say about the training -“

Lilian Macharia

Corporate Trainer || Business Coach || Business Strategist


I wish to commend Jane Njambi for the good work she did in the WIDB training program.  She broke down the curriculum into easy to understand content without a lot of jargon.  She then delivered the content in very interactive videos while using easy-to-relate examples that made the learning all the more impactful and memorable.  My business has really benefited from the tips and nuggets she shared and I am really grateful to have gone through the program under Jane’s tutelage.

Fidelis Wangithi

Brand Manager || JT VISUALS


I am delighted to acknowledge the training impact I’ve had from the Foundations Programme on Digital Skills, under the Women In Digital Business-WIDB training programme through my trainer Jane Njambi . The skills i acquired have propelled me to excel in my role as Brand Manager at JT VISUALS.


This training is a game changer and i hope more women in both entrepreneurship and corporate will take up this opportunity to learn and equip themselves with skills that will have them more competent in the fast moving world of e-commerce and Artificial intelligence.

Lucy Kawira

Administrator || Karen Hospital


The WIDB platform enhanced my knowledge on digital business skills  essential for successful presence on the digital platforms.  I was able to learn step by step and gain very clear understanding on how  I can adopt to the digital business space for my business.  The future is digital and this training adequately guided me and would not hesitate to recommend it to any one seeking growth in the ever increasing opportunities in the digital era. The platform had a user friendly interface and my tutor Jane Njambi was very engaging and interesting as well.  The training is of great value and appreciate the privilege to be a beneficiary.

Irene Kenduiwa

Business Woman


The WIDB Foundations Programme on Digital Skills course, has opened up my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities that the digital platform holds and especially for my business. I am so grateful for my trainer Jane Njambi who made everything easy and simple to understand with relatable real life examples. 


Now I feel so ready for my next level launching, one step at a time as guided by my trainer.

Grace Gatwiri

Naima Pastries


The training with WiDB has helped me to appreciate the value of the Digital world to start ups. My trainer, Jane Njambi conducted exhaustive sessions that provided guidance not only on how to establish presence in digital media but also how to digitise business operations. That was a light bulb moment for me. 



I appreciate this training and recommend it to all business owners seeking to thrive in the Digital world.

Nelly MMata

CEO - Edified Services


I am so excited to have completed the course


‘Women in Digital Business’ (WIDB).
I have been thourougly equipped on how to position my skills in the digital space., how to market and sustain service provision on online platforms . As a life Coach, trainer and Counsellor , this has opened my perspective on how to make our services more accescible to those who may need them.A lot of guidance in the programme from Ms Jane Njambi has gone a long way to ensure simplifying and offering practical steps to enhance the learning.

I am glad I bumped into this course.

Rineldah Ambani

Business Woman


Completing the Digital Marketing course with Women in Digital Business was transformative, and I cannot speak highly enough about the whole experience, thanks to the exceptional instructor Jane Njambi. Her lectures were not just informative but fun and inspiring, fostering a deep understanding of digital strategies. The course equipped me with invaluable skills and insights, empowering me to navigate the digital landscape confidently. The instructor’s expertise and engaging teaching style made learning enjoyable and impactful. I’m grateful for the personalized guidance and support received, which elevated my learning experience. This course has been instrumental in my professional growth, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to excel in digital marketing.”

Lily Tikla

Business Woman


I met Jane Njambi through a referral ; who suggested to me a free online course on digital marketing. I was amazed to find out that this was not the first time to meet her. I can never forget that moment I checked on YouTube how to sell on Jumia, and among all the videos I checked, I preferred her video. No other video was as detailed as that.

My excitement could never be hidden when I found out that she was to be our trainer. I automatically knew she would deliver the best. My expectations have been surpassed since I first sat for the first live class. For once the lessons have shuttered my ignorance, helped me plan the structure of my business. Indeed I had no order and direction with what I wanted to do.

I had no basis in business;I knew completely nothing on business as a subject. I just regretted dropping it as a subject at school. Sincerely, in those days,nobody told me how important it was. Now, I would tell everyone that business is a lifestyle that everybody needs to be conversant with.Taking it digital is a skill that is like a treasure to me. I really know I could never find such valuable information from anywhere else. The elaboration Jane did and the interructive sessions have been a game changer. My confidence in business is highly boosted. And through her, I have been able to set an account on Jumia successfully. I really would suggest her to anyone interested in taking her business digital.

Kayla Faith

Business Owner


Spread more awareness on such free courses because many women cannot afford to go back to school to pursue knowledge in the things they desire most but with free courses like this one that give so much in-depth knowledge that would benefit a lot of women , this is something that people need to know about. I am so glad i stumbled upon Jane Njambi’s post on facebook.I had been looking for free online courses for a long time i am so glad i found her here i am almost getting my certificate in Digital marketing a subject i have been so passionate about and always yearning to get more knowledge about.

Thankyou Jane Njambi for this,you have been super helpful throughout this course, you are an amazing teacher and how you give knowledge and information without gatekeeping is phenomenal. Continue with the spirit of building women up. God bless you.

Thankyou WIDB for this amazing platform.


Tours and travel consultant || business administrator


As a business owner, a digital marketer, and a Tours and travel consultant and business administrator,Having recently acquired my certification for Women in Digital marketing Foundation course, I feel so motivated to grow more in my business and expand into an empire. With the help of a great Trainer Ms. Jane Njambi I have acquired more knowledge on how I can use social media platforms and organically generate sales, be more visible and always have clients in my sales funnel.

I have learnt how to create a marketing plan and follow through in making my business worth the competitive world of digital marketing.
I would encourage more women to enrol and secure their place in this world that is evolving everyday.

Ann Gladys Gichuhi

Infoprenuer | Lecturer Kenyatta University


Jane is a great and passionate teacher in matters regarding digital businesses, especially so when teaching women. She has a heart for women and desires to see them succeed. She teaches not just from head knowledge, but by actually demonstrating using her own examples, such as websites and courses that she has designed, as well as showcasing clients that she has worked with.

She simplifies processes into small manageable sizes in fun, hilarious ways. You will always laugh because of her wonderful sense of humour, and whatever you learn will stick with you.

Jane teaches well, and if one doesn’t succeed after interacting with Jane, it really is a matter of not wanting to put in effort, because Jane really simplifies everything to do with digital businesses.

I highly recommend Jane for web development, marketing, course creation and management of organizations’ digital presence and success.

Kudos, Jane!!!

Maria Muthira Mbugua

Virtual Assistant


The training on digital marketing was comprehensive and I am thrilled to share my positive experience. The training covered a wide range of topics essential for modern digital marketing.  I learned how to develop and implement digital marketing plans tailored to various business needs, how to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and how to adjust strategies based on analytics.


With my new knowledge of digital marketing, I can offer my clients a broader range of services. This includes managing their social media accounts, creating and optimizing content, and running targeted email marketing campaigns.

The training has been an invaluable investment in my professional development as a Virtual Assistant. It has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to enhance my virtual assistant business, deliver superior services to my clients, and stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to expand their skill set and improve their business outcomes.

Purity Aloo

Customer Experience|| Movie Enthusiast


I recently earned a Digital Skills certificate from Women in Digital Business, an initiative dedicated to empowering Women through digital literacy and business acumen. This program provides comprehensive training on essential digital tools and strategies, focusing on equipping Women with the skills needed to thrive in the modern Digital Economy.

Their mission is to provide Women with the knowledge and confidence to leverage digital technologies for Business growth and personal advancement.

This Digital Skills course is crucial for several reasons:
✨It empowers Women by providing them with the skills necessary to participate fully in the digital Economy.
✨For entrepreneurs, the course offers invaluable insights into leveraging digital tools for business development and growth.
✨It facilitates connections with like-minded individuals and mentors, fostering a supportive Community of Women in digital business.

The Tasks/Assignments were intense🤣 but the course has been highly impactful for Me:

✨I have gained a deeper understanding of Digital tools and platforms, which will significantly improve My efficiency and productivity in managing Business tasks.
✨ I have learned effective digital marketing strategies, which will allow Me to promote My business endeavors more effectively.
✨The knowledge and skills acquired will boost My confidence in navigating the digital business world, making My ventures more competitive.
✨I have connected with a Network of inspiring Women, providing support and collaboration opportunities that are invaluable for Business growth.

Overall, this Digital Skills Certificate from Women in Digital Business is a pivotal step in My Entrepreneurial development, equipping Me with the necessary tools to succeed in a digital-first business landscape.

Abigael Gatua



WIBD is a fantastic initiative that empowers women by assisting them in becoming successful entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. It gives women a plethora of skill sets that enable them to digitally alter and/or digitise their businesses to increase their success. I had an unmatched experience taking the course! Each lesson was intricately planned and curated, making it comprehensible, interesting, and engaging.


I recall being initially scared since I thought I wouldn’t be able to properly understand the material, but the course’s structure and our trainer’s unwavering support made my experience seamless, as everything was made easy for me to understand.


My perspective on the importance of e-commerce in this generation and the extent to which it may be leveraged has expanded as a result of this training. Being surrounded by and learning from a community of brilliant women was a delightful experience. Without a doubt, I advise any woman who wishes to grow her business to take this course.

Edith Kimeu

The Founder of Shemica Textiles


Celebrating my new certification!


*”Enrolling in the Women in Digital Business has been a transformative experience for both my personal growth and the success of my business. As the founder of Shemica Textiles, an Eco-friendly fashion branding and Customization, I was looking for ways to leverage digital technologies to expand my reach and streamline my operations. This comprehensive course exceeded all my expectations and provided me with the tools and confidence to take my business to the next level.



From the very first module, I was impressed by the depth and breadth of the content. The curriculum covered a wide range of topics crucial for any digital entrepreneur, including social media marketing, e-commerce strategies, digital advertising, SEO, and data analytics. Each module was designed to build on the previous one, ensuring a cohesive and integrated learning experience. The practical, hands-on approach meant I could immediately apply what I learned to my business, seeing tangible results from the start.



Additionally, the program facilitated an incredible networking environment. I connected with a diverse group of ambitious and supportive women from various industries. The collaborative projects and peer-to-peer discussions enriched my learning experience and fostered a sense of community and mutual support. These connections have turned into lasting professional relationships and friendships that continue to benefit me personally and professionally.

One of the most significant outcomes of the course was the transformation of my online presence. The modules on website optimization and digital marketing enabled me to revamp my e-commerce platform, making it more user-friendly and visually appealing. Implementing the SEO strategies taught in the course dramatically improved my search engine rankings, resulting in increased organic traffic and higher sales. The insights into social media advertising allowed me to create targeted campaigns that resonated with my audience, further boosting my brand’s visibility and engagement.



The Women in Digital Business has truly been a game-changer for Shemica Textiles. I have seen a significant increase in my online sales, a more engaged customer base, and a stronger brand presence in the digital space. Beyond the tangible business benefits, the confidence and skills I gained through this program have empowered me to continue innovating and growing in the ever-evolving digital landscape.



I wholeheartedly recommend the Women in Digital Business to any woman looking to enhance her digital skills and take her business to new heights. It is an investment in yourself and your business that will pay dividends for years to come.



Thank you for this invaluable experience Madam Jane Njambi.

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Here are the most
Frequently Asked Questions about Lead Trainers Program

YES , men can be LEAD TRAINERS but can only train and certify Women entreprenuers. Please note that men cannot become ToTs and cannot sign up for “Foundations Programme on Digital Skills”

  1. Should be 18 years and above
  2. Have knowlegde on how to run a digital business (Digital marketing, automation, web design and data tracking)
  3. Have a CV that shows you have some experience in training about digital businesses or understand digital marketing
  4. Speak English, Spanish or French

No it is not a loan, the funding is for you to fund your training business and enable you reach more women entreprenuers and equipt them with digital skills

18th June 2024

To get the answer for that question please contact widb@itcilo.org