Module 4: Critical Thinking in the Digital Age

by Jane Njambi Wanjiru

December 7, 2023

About Module 4: Critical Thinking in the Digital Age

In Module 4, participants will delve into the essential skills of critical thinking necessary to navigate the information-rich landscape of the digital age. The lessons in this module are designed to empower women and young girls to evaluate information critically, distinguish credible sources, and combat the rising tide of misinformation.

Module Content

Video lesson

This lesson focuses on developing the ability to critically assess the credibility of information encountered online. Participants will learn to discern reliable sources from potentially misleading ones, understanding key indicators that signal information credibility. Practical exercises and case studies will enhance their skills in evaluating the trustworthiness of digital content.

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In this lesson, participants will explore effective fact-checking techniques to verify the accuracy of information encountered on social media and other digital platforms. The focus is on providing practical tools and strategies to independently verify claims, ensuring a foundation of accurate knowledge.

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This lesson focuses on empowering participants to recognize the characteristics of fake news and misinformation. Through case studies and interactive exercises, participants will learn to identify common tactics employed by purveyors of misinformation and develop strategies to discern accurate information from deceptive content.

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This concluding lesson provides participants with actionable strategies to combat misinformation. Participants will explore effective ways to responsibly share information, contribute to a culture of digital integrity, and play an active role in countering the spread of false narratives online.

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