Module 2: Navigating Online Spaces Safely

by Jane Njambi Wanjiru

December 7, 2023

About Module 2: Navigating Online Spaces Safely

In Module 2, "Navigating Online Spaces Safely," participants will delve into the critical aspects of online privacy, security, and safety. This module aims to empower women and young girls with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the digital landscape securely and responsibly.

Module Content

Video lesson

In this lesson, participants will learn the importance of safeguarding personal information in the digital age. Topics covered include understanding the value of personal data, recognizing potential vulnerabilities, and implementing practical strategies to protect one's privacy online. Participants will leave with actionable steps to enhance their online privacy.

Video lesson

This lesson focuses on equipping participants with the ability to identify and mitigate common online threats. Topics include recognizing phishing attempts, understanding malware risks, and adopting best practices for secure online behavior. By the end of the lesson, participants will be well-versed in proactive measures to stay safe online.

Video lesson

In this lesson, participants will gain insights into the various forms of cyberbullying and online harassment. The content covers recognizing signs of cyberbullying, understanding different manifestations, and fostering a supportive online community. Participants will learn to identify and address cyberbullying, creating a safer and more inclusive digital environment.

Video lesson

Building on the previous lesson, this session provides participants with practical strategies for dealing with online harassment. Topics include reporting mechanisms, engaging with support networks, and fostering resilience in the face of online adversity. Participants will leave with a toolkit of resources and approaches to address and combat online harassment effectively.

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